Let’s talk about digitals. The interview with the Commercial Director of “Ak Sahypa”

May 17, 2022

Mr. Maksat Annaev, Commercial Director of “Ak Sahypa”

UNDP Turkmenistan

UNDP is committed to creating a world in which digital is an empowering force for people’s development and protection of the planet.

To support the implementation of national priorities in the field of digital development outlined in the "Concept of Development of Digital Economy in Turkmenistan for 2019-2025" and in accordance with the recently launched UNDP Digital Strategy for 2022-2025, UNDP in Turkmenistan, together with “SalamNews” is launching an Interview series with leading IT professionals on important topics related to digital transformation.

The initiative will serve as a platform to enhance digital literacy of public, including women and girls, as well as people with disabilities.

A good understanding of the digital space can impact the future of our readers, enable them to adapt to the new digital reality, inspire more women and girls to pursue IT careers, and accelerate the country's digital transformation efforts.

Increasing digital literacy among the public is expected to help capitalize on the ever-evolving digital reality and empower society to build an inclusive and sustainable future for all.

We hereby present to your attention our first interview with Mr. Maksat Annaev, Commercial Director of “Ak Sahypa”, a key partner of 1C in Turkmenistan.

Mr. Annaev, the IT industry is very interesting, and as we know, is represented by completely different people, having various backgrounds. Tell us briefly about yourself and how long have you been working in your company?

I was born and grew up in the capital of Turkmenistan. I received bachelor's degree in telecommunications from Kiev State University, Ukraine. Till now I have had the opportunity to work both in IT and sales. I started my professional experience with a cellular company in sales. Later I worked in another company and became an IT specialist. Today my knowledge of these fields helps me to develop my potential at Ak sahypa, where I have been working since 2018.

The name of your product, 1C is quite well-known. Could you please tell us how do accounting programs such as 1C differ from, for example, MS Excel, why can't everything be made simpler?

Today 1C is a huge industry, which involves thousands of specialists involved in software sales, its maintenance and technical support. In contrast to Excel, "1C" is able to carry out management, accounting and tax accounting, create reports, provide a variety of analytics, etc. right after installation. Excel against this background is a white sheet of paper.

This is especially important in a business where dozens and hundreds of people are involved in the accounting process. By definition, Excel is a one-task system. Of course, it is possible to organize collective work with one Excel file for several people, but errors cannot be ruled out in this case.

In addition, the "1C" program implements a mechanism to regulate data access for different categories of users. This is very important when both interns and managers work in the same database containing all information about the company. You can close access to important information for individual employees, while maintaining the ability for them to fully work in the system.

"1C" easily copes with this task, unlike Excel, where even a trivial password protection file does not work reliably.

We often hear such a phrase a “licensed product”. Please tell us how it works with your product and how important it is to use a licensed product?

Licensing means the legitimate use of a software product, when the right to use the software product is granted from the rightful owner to legitimate consumers. The right of intellectual property (copyright) to the software product "1C" belongs to the firm "1C" Moscow. Based on existing agreements with the company "1C" our company is the official franchisee with the assigned status of a Key Partner on the territory of Turkmenistan. Also our company is the developer of a line of software products, such as "1C:Accounting 8 for Turkmenistan", "1C:Company Management 8 for Turkmenistan", "1C:Trade Management 8 for Turkmenistan", "1C:Document Management 8 for Turkmenistan". All specialists are certified by 1C Company in all modern versions of 1C:Enterprise system.

Any interested person can get acquainted with the list of official franchisees operating in Turkmenistan. To know the current rating, to get acquainted with their achievements, as well as the implemented solutions, please follow this link: https://1c.ru/tm/index.jsp.

“Ak Sahypa”, a key partner of 1C in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is now actively promoting the digitalization of its economy. Please tell us how your work affects the implementation of digital economy in our country?

We use the maximum range of modern information technologies and management approaches to solve problems of our partners. Our main focus is the implementation of a software product for management, accounting, and electronic document management for small and medium-sized businesses, which is a great engine for the development of the digital economy in our country. Our clients are developing and we are developing with them, expanding the package of software and services. For example, today, the banking sector provides the market with such a service as “Client Bank”. This is a system that allows you to receive bank services via Internet. Our company, in turn, to exclude repeated entering of payment documents to the personal cabinet under a remote service agreement, the system "1C:Enterprise" provided data exchange with the specified module, which in turn helps the end user to save his time.

We have also developed a Unified catalog of descriptions of goods and services in configurations on the 1C: Enterprise 8 platform, which includes names, manufacturers, basic characteristics, barcodes, units of measurement most often required to establish an item. With the service "1C: Nomenclature" it is possible to quickly add new items of the nomenclature from the list of reference cards or receive by barcode, update descriptions and characteristics. This will significantly reduce the time for the establishment of a new nomenclature and help to avoid errors when entering. Service 1C: Nomenclature makes it easier for suppliers and buyers to identify and search for goods, helps to put things in order in the directory of goods and keep the catalog of goods up to date without much effort.

After reading this interview, some boys and girls will probably become interested in IT, and in working in your company or other companies in the field of IT. What would you recommend to young people, what professional skills to develop to succeed in this area?

On behalf of the company and myself, I would like to recommend to our young generation to develop their knowledge in the field of computer technologies. There are many educational centers in our country, which teach computer literacy. There are also many sites on the Internet, which provide the opportunity to learn programming for free. By developing, our young generation will have the necessary digital skills that will enable them to find jobs and work productively, creatively and successfully. Young people can develop basic skills and then develop them further to reach an intermediate and advanced level of digital experience, which will eventually enhance their opportunities to participate in the development of the emerging economic sectors and even start their own business.