UNDP supports pioneering projects in sustainable cooling

February 4, 2023

The call for projects on sustainable cooling solutions is now open

Applicants are now invited to submit their ideas for the Cool Up demonstration projects by 15 March 2023, showcasing the successful application of sustainable cooling in Türkiye, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon. Successful projects will be eligible to receive a range of support from the Cool Up programme. 

Funded by Germany’s International Climate Initiative, Cool Up programme aims to promote sustainable cooling in the four partner countries (Türkiye, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon). It is implemented by a diverse consortium of think tanks, conservation groups and industry organizations led by the global consultancy Guidehouse. UNDP is one of the international partners and the country lead partner in Türkiye.

Cooling is a major consumer of energy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. With the Cool Up demonstration projects, it is aimed to illustrate that sustainable cooling in the MENA region is possible, feasible, and safe. The projects will exemplify what is achievable with sustainable cooling in the region.

Applications are particularly open for building owners or investors (private or public); retail and hospitality i.e., supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, etc.; municipalities; architects, technical advisors, and engineers; and local equipment manufacturers that are converting to natural refrigerants. Technologies that use natural refrigerants or no refrigerants for commercial air conditioning, residential air conditioning, and commercial refrigeration are eligible for application.

Following the submission of an idea, applications will be shortlisted. A Cool Up expert will then follow up with applicants to gather additional information about their projects before making a final decision.

The selection will be done considering the aim of the Cool Up programme in showcasing the environmental, technical, and financial advantages of sustainable cooling technologies.

The demonstration projects will serve as role models for an accelerated and broad uptake of sustainable cooling in the MENA region and Türkiye. Selected projects will benefit from technical, funding, and marketing support.

Please click here to apply through the Cool Up programme website.