UNDP aims to improve the general management and business skills of municipalities

May 28, 2021

Under the Local Administration Reform Phase III Project, an online training program is held for the executives of the metropolitan municipalities and its affiliated organizations, as well as the elected city council members.

So far, more than 400 representatives from municipalities participated in the trainings on human resources, procurement legislation, personnel legislation, financial management, municipal legislation and training services, e-municipality, city vision, culture and arts. Especially, the trainings on smart cities, brand cities and liveable cities, which were delivered by experts in their fields, attracted great attention.

The trainings will continue to be held until July 8th on various subjects related to project design, development of economy and trade, tourism, participation and local democracy, diplomacy academy, zoning law, expropriation, zoning planning and zoning management, editorial legislation and archive management, human resources management, personal and corporate development.

Particularly, it is expected that the trainings on communication and public relations, crisis management and problem solving, time management and efficient work, elocution and speaking skills, and presentation techniques, which will be covered under the title of personal and corporate development, are expected to attract considerable attention.

To participate in the trainings, you can fill in the registration form of the relevant training on www.larakademi.org. In addition, it is possible to access all training recordings by creating a user account.