I Can Manage My Business Provides Mentoring Program And Digitalization Support

November 26, 2020



Developed by TÜRKONFED (Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation) in partnership with Visa and UNDP, with the support of 30 banks and e-money institutions I Can Manage My Business Project continues to provide SMEs with the knowledge and skills they need to realize their growth potential on www.isimiyonetebiliyorum.com, the mentoring program and digitalization support.

Within the scope of the program with leading names of the business world, the mentor team of TÜSİAD and TÜRKONFED, free mentoring started for 6 SMEs from 6 cities for 6 months. Mentor-mentee match making has been completed in October and the first mentoring meeting was held online.

EKOTEN A.Ş Chairman of the Board Şükrü Ünlütürk, DİMES General Manager Ozan Diren, SÜTAŞ Group Deputy Chairman Serpil Veral, OMEGA and ProAsist Chairman Öner Çelebi, Strategic and Corporate Management Consultant Murat Selek, BILSAR Tekstil A.Ş Board of Directors President & CEO Selman Bilal, as well as project partners and team have been informed about how the mentoring process operates by Rıza Kadılar, President of the European Mentorship and Coaching Council (EMCC Global).

After the meetings, mentors and mentees met one-on-one; started setting short-medium-long-term goals on HR, exports, cash flow, domestic market assessment, institutionalization, and budgeting.

This support aims to create successful examples for both SMEs and the country's economy, and increase "multiplier effect".

Within the scope of Digitalization Support prepared specifically for the pandemic period; selected SMEs who attended face-to-face or online trainings and aimed to digitalize are supported in 3 main areas. 34 SMEs in E-Commerce, 42 in Digital Marketing and Consultancy, and 6 SMEs in Corporate Digitalization were entitled to receive support and started their work.

During interviews with the beneficiaries of digitization support; Sibel Kars, who participated in the program from Erzurum, explained changes they have made in their company after I Can Manage My Business Training and e-commerce support; “We already wanted to buy an e-commerce package and started to work on it before I Can Manage My Business training. After the training, we decided to take a break. Since we have participated all the trainings, we could benefit from e-commerce support package. We are currently in the setup phase. Then hopefully we will start the sale online.” 

SMEs who couldn’t attend the training before, will be able to benefit from these supports by getting training in the new training series. Required criteria for SMEs to benefit from these supports are; participating in I Can Manage My Business Trainings, filling the Evaluation and Digitalization Intention questionnaires. It is planned to measure the effects of digitalization on the performance of SMEs with this support and follow-up.



The website has been created by translated and localized contents of Practical Business Skills, Visa’s online platform including all necessary information from creating to growing a business. Information and announcements about I Can Manage My Business project will be published on the web site which has been active since the first week of November.

The website, which will also support the content of I Can Manage My Business Project, is a guide in areas such as creating a business plan, financial, managerial, marketing and sustainability for those who start or grow their business. It also includes interactive content such as quiz, spreadsheets, business plan templates and various business analysis templates.

The website, which will also include the trainings of I Can Manage My Business with the Online Training System, is planned to become a platform with online training and original content to support SMEs in order to enable businesses to adapt to the transforming and digitalizing world.

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