I Can Manage My Business Project's Online Training System is launched!

February 24, 2021

The Online Training System of the I Can Manage My Business Project, initiated by the cooperation of TURKONFED, Visa, and the UNDP with the support of 30 banks and e-money institutions, is launched!

Having met with 1,523 SME representatives throughout the training meetings, I Can Manage My Business Project has been providing a free Mentoring Program to 6 SMEs from 6 different provinces, and free digitalization support in the areas of e-commerce and digital marketing to nearly 100 SMEs who have participated in the trainings. I Can Manage My Business Project is going to continue its activities with the online training system.

In their business journeys, SMEs who are introduced to I Can Manage My Business Project:

  • Developed their brands.
  • Started to receive mentorship from the leading names of the business world.
  • Entered the world of e-commerce and started to support their sales and company recognition with online and digital marketing methods.
  • Started to update their business plans, financial management systems and budgets, and implement hybrid models in supply chain management by making strategy and crisis plans.

If you want to start this "change" in your own business, register I Can Manage My Business Project's Online Training System now. Join the online training world of "I Can Manage My Business" with 47 modules in 8 subjects from Entrepreneurship and E-Commerce, Marketing and Management Strategies delivered by professionals and lecturers who are experts in their field!