Global Climate Change Alliance Plus GCCA+

Global Climate Change Alliance Plus (GCCA+)

Installation of 12 solar energy systems in public facilities and remote communities to promote public awareness about renewable energy by demonstrating the use of solar energy as a renewable energy alternative to fossil fuel-based electricity. The project also provided technical assistance for the operationalization of the new, Renewable Energy (RE)/Energy Efficiency (EE)–conducive policy, legislative and regulatory framework; and in 2024 will implement a public awareness-raising campaign on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. 

Fast Facts 

Value of Project:   USD2.66 million 

Duration:   72 months 

Donor: European Union 

Implementing Partner:  UNDP 

Sponsor: Ministry of Planning and Development

Key milestones & outputs achieved to date   

All 12 installations have been completed, all of which have been formally handed over to the relevant beneficiaries. Of these eight, four are in remote off-grid locations with no connectivity to the national electricity system. The solar installations mean that they finally have a continuous power supply that is environmentally superior and cheaper than the national gas-based electricity supply. Technical assistance was also provided to the Ministry of Energy in the form of a Feed-in-Tariff Implementation Plan and a Draft Renewable Energy Policy with Action Plans to assist the government in its energy transition. The results of the Baseline Survey were published, highlighting the public’s perception of RE, EE, and Energy Pricing, of which a communications campaign with targeted messaging will be developed. 

Key Messages 

Solar power for the people; Good for your pocket, better the planet, Be energy efficient, Saves energy

Key Documents

  1. GCCA Energy Baseline Survey | United Nations Development Programme (
  2.  GCCA+ Fact Sheet 2023

Project team members 

Rosemary Lall (Programme Officer) 

Kiran Harnanan (Project leader) 

Leanna Bahadur (Project Assistant)