Official Presentation Catalog of E_Learning Courses in Economic Governance, Public Finance and Transparency

October 31, 2022

Presentation of the Pro PALOP TL ISC E_Learning catalog


The UNDP – Pro PALOP TL ISC PHASE II Program hosts, in Dili – Timor Leste, today, on October 26th, 2022, the Presentation of the Pro PALOP TL ISC E_Learning catalog. The presentation fits, within the scope of the work that Pro PALOP TL ISC has carried out, regarding the provision of specialized technical support, at the same time it will allow free training in public finance, to members of Organized Civil Society and State Sectors. It is also intended to take ownership of the methodology used by the Program for the Consolidation of Economic Governance and Public Finance Management Systems (Pro PALOP-TL ISC). Pro PALOP-TL ISC is a regional program between PALOP and Timor-Leste on economic governance, funded by the European Union and managed by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). 

The public presentation of the E_Learnings catalog was held at the Museu de Resistência, Dili, today, October 26th, 2022, from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. The Opening Session was with the presence of the Program Manager of the European Union Delegation, by Dr. Mário Marchado, from the CTA of Pro PALOP TL ISC, Dr. Ricardo Godinho Gomes. 

Mention Dr. Mário Machado, representing the European Union Delegation, “Public Finance is an issue that concerns all of us, as citizens of democratic countries. It is governments, democratically elected, that manage public money on behalf of citizens. It is, therefore, in everyone's interest that these issues are understood and discussed publicly. We are grateful to the UNDP for this initiative (E-Learning courses in Public Finance), within the framework of the PALOP-TL ISC program, financed by the European Union, which will allow the public in general, but also the employees of the institutions that deal with Public Finance, to know these matters better and thus become more involved citizens in the administration of public funds”.

Still the CTP of Pro PALOP TL ISC, Dr. Ricardo Godinho Gomes, stated that “E-Learnings, more than training instruments, are a powerful awareness and advocacy tool for public in general, especially on issues related to public finances.

About Pro PALOP-TL ISC Phase II - Program for the Consolidation of Economic Governance and Public Finance Management Systems in the PALOP and Timor-Leste aims to improve economic governance in the PALOP-TL. The Program results from the Strategic Partnership between the EU | UNDP and has funding from the European Union of 8.05 million Euros, administered directly by UNDP.  


For more information, contact the Pro PALOP-TL ISC Project Management Unit : 

  • Ricardo Godinho Gomes | Chief Technical Advisor and Head of the Pro PALOP-TL ISC Management Unit


  • Bruno Lencastre – Parliament Project Coordinator


  • Damaris Rosabal – Specialist in Women's Empowerment and Gender Responsive Budgeting of Pro PALOP-TL ISC