Inauguration of One-Stop-Shop (OSS) in Manatuto Municipality improves local access to government services

A milestone in Timor-Leste’s decentralization process

May 6, 2024

H.E. Prime Minster of the Republic of Timor-Leste at the Inauguration of Balkaun Uniku in Manatuto.

Carolina Silva/ UNDP Timor-Leste

Manatuto, May 4th, 2024 – UNDP and the Minister of State Administration launch the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) in Manatuto Municipality, another significant step towards the decentralization process in Timor-Leste.

Situated at the heart of Manatuto’s capital, this OSS will streamline access to essential government services, enhancing efficiency while promoting citizen participation in local governance. 

“The introduction of the one-stop shop policy heralds a new era of efficiency, accessibility, and transparency in public services. By consolidating various services under one roof, we are not only simplifying processes but also reducing transaction costs, bureaucracy, and intermediary influence. This initiative aims to combat corruption and enhance transparency, ensuring that citizens receive the quality services they deserve.”  said UNDP Deputy Resident Representative Ms. Adeline Carrier.

The OSS/Balkaun Úniku will improve information accessibility, transparency, and accountability among local public authorities. Citizens, especially those in Manatuto municipality, will benefit from easy and improved services such as the issuance of passports, identification cards (Billete Identidade), and criminal records, all in one single access point.

The launch of the OSS/Balkaun Uniku in Manatuto and Liquica is part of the digitalization efforts of the 9th Constitutional Government to boost the administrative processes and improve service delivery across the country, supported by the Ministry of Justice’s Directorate General of Registry and Notary Services. The inaugural ceremony was attended by several government entities, stakeholders, and diplomatic representatives and UNDP handed over 12 motorbikes to support the service delivery across municipalities.

“One-stop-shop is a central government representation to bring governance closer to citizens, as there have been 19 services from the ministerial line which we have assigned and delegated to municipals and to be integrated in OSS to provide service delivery closer to population” further added H.E. Minister of State Administration (MSA) Mr. Tomas do Rosario Cabral in his intervention.

By combining services into a single access point, the One Stop Shop improves people's access to quality public services and utilities as well as transparency, encouraging citizen participation in local governance processes.  All of this is facilitated by pushing digitalization forward with an online system that allows citizens to apply for such services online, via the website or mobile application, which will be piloted in two municipalities to begin with. 

The last speech of H.E. Prime Minister in his intervention further said “Local Government is the government which is set up in municipalities to perform everything that central government request to do. Therefore to all municipalities, the introduction of OSS will not only help out citizens who live far from Dili who have to travel to Dili and spend their money, the OSS will also facilitate obtaining passports and national identification cards. I would like to congratulate and I profoundly request all the government entities to either with or without OSS, with or without this system. We move forward but haven’t reached our final goal. We only started and that is why I request all of you who serve these citizens based on our devotion and responsibility”.

This represents a pivotal moment in Timor-Leste’s journey towards decentralization and marks a fruitful partnership between UNDP’s Project for Strengthening Integral Local Development by Building the Capacities of the Municipal Authorities in Timor-Leste and the Government of Timor-Leste to bring governance, public administration, and services closer to people, particularly those living in vulnerable situations.


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The One-Stop-Shop Building in Manatuto

Carolina Silva/ UNDP Timor-Leste