UNDP Transfer Assets for Integrated Waste Management and Recycling Facility, along with 3d Printer, to Partner Institutions

Creating recycling-based jobs and livelihood through sustainable solid waste management and integrated recycling facility

December 9, 2021

Handover ceremony at KJFL, Dili

On Thursday, 9 December UNDP Recycling Promotion Pilot (RPP) project officially hands over project assets, along with 3D printer and filaments from Accelerator Lab, to project partners at Knua Juventude Fila-Liman, Díli. The asset list comprises of two (2) sets of plastic molding machines, two (2) tricycles, two (2) container units, one (1) bio box, and office equipment.

UNDP was represented by Ms. Munkhtuya Altangerel, Resident Representative, while Ministry of State Administration by Mr. Belarmino Filomeno Neves, Director of Administrative Decentralization, Secretary of State for Environment by Mr. João Carlos Soares, Director General for Environment, Authority of Dili Municipality by Ms. Guilhermina Filomena Saldanha, President, and Dom Bosco Foundation by Fr. Gui do Carmo da Silva, Provinsial Economer/Manager & Administration.

In her opening remark, UNDP Resident Representative elaborates that the project “established partnership with community leaders, CSO, and youth volunteers, providing them with trainings, financial and material supports to raise awareness of more than 1,000 households in four Sucos and set up an integrated waste management facility at Rede HASATIL compound in Motael”.

“Within a few months, some community members start segregating their plastic bottles to be collected by the R4-tricycle. Some even deliver them directly to Motael”, she adds.

Director Neves emphasize that “Although the project hands over only a few materials and equipment to Government institution and CSO, they have the potential to generate significant results as demonstrated by the project”.

RPP project recruited around 80 youth volunteers from targe sucos to socialize with approximately 1,000 households about waste separation and R4 approaches.

 “I encourage youth participants in the project to continue share their skills and knowledge with their community about the importance of recycling”, says President of Dili Municipal Authority.

UNDP also announces another partnership with Dom Bosco Foundation to develop and implement training modules on 3D printing and plastic molding machine.

The Provinsional Economer states “Fundação Dom Bosco’s is proud to be part of the initiative which objective is aligned with Dom Bosco’s Green Alliance”.

 “We are committed to cooperate with UNDP based on the concept note developed by both parties”, says Fr. da Silva.

Co-funded by Ministry of State Administration and UNDP, the project aims to create recycling-based jobs and livelihood through sustainable solid waste management and integrated recycling facility in Suco Motael, Colmera, Caicoli, and Kampung Alor. To date, more than 1000 households, community members, youth volunteers, and youth groups have benefited from the project. This includes jobs, volunteering opportunities, trainings, and elevated knowledge about waste segregations and 4R (Refuse, Reduce, Recycle and Recover) approaches.  18 recycling businesses have also received business incubation supports in the form of marketing and grant opportunities.