Launching Green Building Prototype

The Green Building Prototype represents youth-led initiative embracing green practice for environmental protection and social empowerment.

Posted October 4, 2021

Green Building Prototype "Kios Matenek" Launching

The Green Building Prototype will be officially launched on Friday 1st October 2021 by UNDP Resident Representative, Mrs. Tuya Altangerel, the Minister of Public Works and the Secretary of State for the Environment. The Green Building Prototype represents youth-led initiative embracing green practice for environmental protection and social empowerment. The nominated team Kiosk Matenek (KM) was selected as the most innovative team during green building design challenge in December 2020. Timor-Leste Accelerator Lab has worked closely with KM team to materialize its green building prototype (GBP) to test how local materials are coming together, using solar panel system that supports hydroponics as well as showcasing natural ventilation throughout its internal area.

The green building concept is driven by the needs of understanding how Timor-Leste is facing climate change and how our infrastructure are resilient-enough to tackle the unexpected impact of climate change. Youth as agent of change are challenged to rethink how our buildings in Timor-Leste can be redesigned using building concepts that are friendly with nature and habitable. The youth are also challenged to work in partnership with their peers from different background for building mutual understanding, dialogue, and networking for any future endeavour.  

The Green Building Design Challenge (GBDC) was intended to promote youth participation in action for environmental protection and it started from 3 days consultation workshop in December 2019 with university students, academia, community leaders and government officials to exploring the possibilities of embracing local materials and creativity into our construction process. The workshop was participated by 150 participants including university students, architects and engineers professionals, representatives’ government agencies and community leaders. The workshop also offered participants with some innovation ideas from local and international experts that inspired their own prototypes based on information collected during the consultation workshop. Most participants were enthusiastic as the discussion on green building concept for Timor-Leste never been done before and encouraged UNDP to conduct similar workshops more often. The Green Building Design Challenge was then launched in November 2020 inviting youth groups with knowledge in architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and construction to submit design proposals. 10 out of 30 groups submissions were selected and invited to attend three days bootcamp and one final pitching day. Kioks Matenek (KM) team selected as the winning team and three groups were selected as honourable mentions: Mesak Training Centre (MTC), Malumag Group and Eleven Unity.

What next? The launching of green building prototype represents our mutual commitment towards sustainable development goals in climate actions, innovation and sustainable cities and communities. Through actions we can learn how ideas come to life and co-design new pathway for sustainable future. The launching also marks the beginning of advocating green practice in Timor-Leste. Timor-Leste Accelerator Lab team will continue to collaborate with KM team to understand how other local solutions and creativity can be used as knowledge product to solve other social and environmental issues in our society. If you have any burning questions regarding sustainable building practice in Timor-Leste please contact us at and