About us

UNDP in Timor-Leste

Who we are

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the leading development organization in Timor-Leste. Since 1999, we have been part of the countrys success in many fields including its democratic reforms, inclusive growth, conflict transformation, green solutions and the development of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our UN identity ensures neutrality and respect for the country’s control over the future. Our strong commitment to development makes us the advocates for change. Transparency and accountability of our operation makes us a trusted partner for national and international stakeholders. The UNDP's Country Programme, 2021-2025, has been  developed in partnership with and approved by the Timor-Leste government, it aims to build the foundations for long lasting peace, resilience to climate induced natural disaster, and poverty reduction.

The Standard Basic Assistance Agreement (SBAA) signed at independence on 20 May 2002, provided an early framework for UNDP’s work in the country as well as the ongoing legal basis for UNDP’s operations in Timor-Leste. 

What we do

We seek to promote the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and forge partnerships with the national institutions, civil society and private sector to assist Timor-Leste in four major development areas:

·      Economic Transformation

·      Accountable Governance 

·      Sustainable Development and Resilience 

·      Gender Equality

We advocate for and support gender equality in all our activities .

69.2 years

Life expectancy at birth


Female representation in parliament


Adult literacy rate


Population in multidimensional poverty


Population who are Internet users


Under-five mortality rate per 1,000 live births


Poverty rate (2018)


unemployment (2018)


Human Development Index