10 Lessons Learned Combating Illegal Wildlife Trade


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10 Lessons Learned Combating Illegal Wildlife Trade

December 3, 2023

Throughout the five-year period of implementing the project to combat illegal wildlife trade in Thailand, focusing on ivory, rhino horn, tiger, and pangolins (from October 15, 2018, to October 14, 2023), various governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, and stakeholders involved in combating illegal wildlife trade at regional, national, and provincial levels, including local communities and youth, have actively participated and contributed. The collaboration has been aimed at integrating efforts in prevention, suppression, coordination, communication, capacity building, and addressing the challenges of illegal wildlife trafficking in Thailand.

The lessons learned from this collaborative effort can be summarized into 10 key lessons. These lessons will serve as important guidelines for the Thailand Wildlife Enforcement Network (Thailand-WEN) to strengthen and enhance its future endeavors. The focus will be on improving the efficiency of law enforcement, coordinating operations seamlessly, developing tools to support operational activities, and seeking collaborative networks. The ultimate goal is to achieve the desired objective of "reducing illegal wildlife and plant trafficking through a unified network.

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