Zanzibar unveils SDG Investor Map: Guiding impactful investment for sustainable development.

April 22, 2024

Zanzibar, Golden Tulip 22, April 2024: Today, Zanzibar witnessed the unveiling of the Zanzibar Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Investor Map, a collaborative effort between UNDP, Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA) and the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar (RGoZ). The event, graced by Hon. Othman Masoud Sharif, The First Vice President of Zanzibar, centred on the theme “Impact Investing for Accelerated Development in Zanzibar” coinciding with Zanzibar Investment Day.  

The SDG Investor Map, developed by UNDP, serves as a vital market intelligence tool, empowering   investors with insights to drive SDG-aligned investment. It identifies opportunities and business models poised to advance Zanzibar’s development priorities, bridging the financing gap by mobilizing private capital for the SDGs. 
The First Vice President of Zanzibar, Hon. Othman Masoud Sharif stated, “the SDG Investor Map is a testament to the commitment of both the UNDP and the government of Zanzibar to catalysing investment in projects that promote sustainable development and improve the lives of the people in our communities. Zanzibar SDG Investor Map identifies 8 Investment Opportunity Areas (IOAs) across 4 priority sectors. These IOAs are in line with the national policy priorities and the country’s development needs.”

Crafted through extensive research and stakeholder consultation, the Zanzibar SDG Investor Map delineates eight (08) Investment Opportunities Area’s (IOA’s) across Agriculture, Renewable and Alternative Energy, Infrastructure, and Services sectors. These IOAs not only align with Zanzibar’s development needs but also offer a roadmap for investors to make meaningful contributions to people and planet in Zanzibar, supporting national development priorities and the achievement of the SDGs.

“Today's launch of the Zanzibar SDG Investor Map and the unveiling of the local online platform hosted by the Zanzibar Investment Promotion Agency, marks a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainable development. These initiatives, seamlessly linked to the global SDG Investor Platform, offer a gateway for global investors to explore the abundant opportunities that Zanzibar has to offer.” Stated Mr Shigeki Komatsubara, UNDP Resident Representative. “Moreover, as we commemorate Zanzibar Investment Day within the framework of our 60th union anniversary, we honour the legacy of unity and cooperation that has defined our journey thus far” He added.

The Launch event also featured a panel discussion titled “Investment Landscape in Zanzibar and the results of Zanzibar SDG Investor Map”. This discussion delved into the current state of investment opportunities, emphasizing sectors attracting investments and the requisite enabling environment to realize investments that yield financial returns while advancing the SDGs in Zanzibar.

The Minister of State, President’s Office, Labour, Economic Affairs and Investment, Hon. Shariff Ali. Shariff expressed his gratitude to the UNDP for their ongoing partnership and commitment to promoting investment, economic growth, and sustainable development in Zanzibar. He emphasized "I would like to take this opportunity to thank our development partner, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for their continuous and unwavering support to the President’s Office, Labour, Economic Affairs and Investment through Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA). As we all remember last year Zanzibar Investment Day was hosted on the 10th of March Golden Tulip, The Ministry through ZIPA collaborated with the UNDP to launch Zanzibar Investment Guide and this time around, UNDP supported us again in the preparation of the Zanzibar SDG Investors Map and preparation of this historical event.”

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