UNDP and Vodacom Tanzania Foundation to team up to Promote Sustainable Development

March 28, 2023
UNDP Tanzania and Vodacom Tanzania Foundation Partersnhip

The Resident Representative of UNDP Tanzania, Christine Musisi, and the Director: External Affairs and Vodacom Tanzania Foundation, Zuweina Farah listening attentively to the presentation.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Vodacom Tanzania Foundation are partnering to tackle development challenges in Tanzania. In a recent courtesy meeting, the two organisations discussed potential areas of collaboration, focusing on how they can work together to promote partnerships on investments in digital agriculture and education initiatives. The goal is to advance sustainable farming practices, reduce poverty, and enhance inclusive growth in Tanzania.

As one of the largest economies in Sub-Saharan Africa, Tanzania faces complex challenges that require collective efforts from different stakeholders in the public and private sectors. The Vodacom Tanzania Foundation has demonstrated a strong commitment to social investment, focusing on inclusive access to education, planet and climate change adaptation, maternal health, reduction of infant mortality, and disaster management. These key areas of focus are critical in promoting sustainable development and ensuring that vulnerable communities have access to essential services and resources.

UNDP Tanzania and Vodacom Tanzania Foundation Partersnhip

Gertrude Lyatuu, the Head of Environmental Sustainability, Climate Change, and Resilience, making a point during a partnership meeting between UNDP and Vodacom Tanzania Foundation.

Digital technology plays a critical role in driving innovation, improving access to information and services, and promoting economic growth in the country. By investing in digital agriculture initiatives, the two organisations hope to build a foundation for long-term growth and development in Tanzania.

At the core of this partnership is a shared commitment to promoting sustainable farming practices. By leveraging the latest digital technologies and data analytics, farmers in Tanzania can optimise their operations, increase yields, and reduce waste. This, in turn, will help to reduce poverty, create sustainable livelihoods, and enhance food security in the country.

Through collaboration and partnerships with other stakeholders in the sector, UNDP and the Vodacom Tanzania Foundation can achieve lasting impact and create a brighter future for Tanzania. According to Ms. Christine Musisi, Resident Representative at UNDP in Tanzania, the organisations should work together to develop programs that teach digital skills to young people in schools. This can help create a more digitally literate society and enable youth to access digital opportunities.

In conclusion, the partnership between UNDP and the Vodacom Tanzania Foundation holds great promise for promoting sustainable agriculture, reducing poverty, enhancing economic growth, and pushing for gender equality and women's empowerment in Tanzania. With a shared commitment to investing in digital technology and promoting sustainable farming practices, the two organisations can leverage their strengths to achieve lasting impact and create a brighter future for the country. This collaboration serves as a model for how different stakeholders can come together to address complex development challenges and advance the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in Tanzania.

UNDP Tanzania and Vodacom Tanzania Foundation Partersnhip

UNDP Tanzania and Vodacom Tanzania Foundation staff in a group photo

Previous UNDP-Vodacom Foundation collaboration 

Vodacom Tanzania Foundation has previously collaborated with UNDP  on development projects. One such project was ‘Securing watershed through Sustainable Land Management in Ruvu and Zigi Catchment’ project, Government-led project to secure watershed services in the Ruvu and Zigi Catchments. This government led project, financed by GEF, involved a partnership between the government, UNDP, Tanzania Forest Services and the Vodacom Foundation.

The collaboration took three forms:  

A workshop with key stakeholders from the government, UNDP tour operators and tourism influencers was held to discuss how to unlock tourism potential of the Nature Forest Reserves, particularly Amani Nature Forest Reserve. The importance of protecting the Nature Forest Reserves for water source conservation was also emphasised. 

Production of promotional materials such as new logo for Amani Nature Forest Reserve, merchandise, brochures, placing information in selected magazines and newspapers, TVs and Radios

Erecting billboards to promote Amani Forest Nature Reserve

Bottom of Form

Amani Nature Forest Reserve Promotion

UNDP, Amani Nature Forest Reserve staff and youth tourism promoters at Amani Nature Forest Reserve