Sparking Africa's Future: Highlights from the 6th YouthConneckt Africa Summit

December 12, 2023
Youth Conneckt Africa summit 2023

UNDP Tanzania Resident Representative, Shigeki Komatsubara engaging with Tanzanian youths in Nairobi, Kenya during the Youth Connekt Africa summit


In a remarkable partnership between the Government of Kenya, the YouthConnekt Africa Hub, and UNDP, the 6th YouthConnekt Africa Summit illuminated the transformative power of unity. Over 20,000 young individuals, government leaders, corporate visionaries, and development advocates convened under the theme "Youth Innovation for a Boundless Africa." This summit showcased the pivotal role of young leaders in shaping policies, fostering innovation, and forging valuable networks. The event offered an array of programs, including engaging policy dialogues, impactful narratives, and entrepreneurial endeavors like marketplaces and investor meetings.

The YouthConnekt Africa Summit has blossomed into the premier forum for business and policy discussions on youth development in Africa, graced by Heads of State. It serves as a platform for youth to interact with leaders, policymakers, and development champions, catalysing policy influence and encouraging greater investment in youth opportunities. It stands as a driving force for socio-economic transformation throughout the continent.

With a vision to link African youth for socio-economic progress, the YouthConnekt Africa Hub stands as a Pan-African sanctuary devoted to empowering the youth. It concentrates on enriching their knowledge, experiences, and skills while simultaneously backing their ideas, innovations, and initiatives. Its ultimate goal is to unlock Africa's demographic potential by 2030.

This year's summit featured an active Tanzanian delegation, supported by UNDP and UNFPA Tanzania, led by the Minister of Education, Prof. Adolf Mkenda and youth directors from both Mainland and Zanzibar. Vibrant youth champions were also part of the delegation. The platform provided an avenue to explore novel ideas and innovations, allowing the Tanzanian delegation to share their impactful peace-building efforts in Mtwara, Lindi, Ruvuma, Unguja, and Pemba. As we embark on the new year, UNDP remains unwavering in its commitment to bolstering efforts to create opportunities for youth and fostering sustainable development across the region.