UNDP in Tajikistan facilitated a study visit to Kazakhstan to learn from the experiences and best practices of the rehabilitation and reintegration of women and children returning from conflict zones

June 12, 2023
Photo: UNDP Tajikistan

UNDP Tajikistan is proud to support the organization of a 3-day study mission for the key Tajik stakeholders to Kazakhstan to learn country’s experience in rehabilitation and reintegration of women and children returned from conflict zones (RRR). The mission is organized under the joint “European Union (EU) – UN Support to States in Central Asia for Third Country Nationals returned from Syria and Iraq” project.

Over the three days, Tajik stakeholders explored Kazakhstan's experiences and best practices on rehabilitation, reintegration of returnees, acquiring valuable insights, and forging strategies for smoother RRR processes. The Study Tour aims to enhance the stakeholder's capacity in RRR, foster interagency collaboration and coordination, and learn Kazakhstan's experiences with the aim of their further potential application upon return. 

The ultimate goal of the mission is to strengthen the mechanisms and coordination of the inter-agency structures, and actively involve civil society organizations and other stakeholders for a more productive implementation of the developed program on reintegration, resocialization, and rehabilitation of returnees taking into account new theoretical and practical skills acquired.

Throughout the mission, the delegation explored various aspects of Kazakhstan's RRR practices. This includes analyzing regulatory frameworks, learning about effective engagement with local authorities and civil society, collaborating with law enforcement agencies, the importance of addressing issues of hate speech and discrimination, and studying successful case studies. In addition, the delegation focused on areas related to providing mental health services for returned women and children, as well as child- and human rights-based assistance and deradicalization of the returned citizens.

During the Study Tour, the Tajik delegation met with advanced psychologists, religious leaders, researchers, and theologians, as well as they were able to visit the rehabilitation center where women returnees work today.

It is expected that the knowledge and experience gained during the mission undoubtedly contribute to the effective RRR processes in Tajikistan and thus contribute to sustainable development and inclusive societies that leave no one behind. #UNDP #EU, #Tajikistan, #RehabilitationAndReintegration