Tajik Delegation Learns Georgia’s Experience in Public Service Delivery

December 26, 2019

Dushanbe, 26 December 2019 – Delegation from the Tajik government visited Georgia on a study tour organized by UNDP to learn the country’s successful experience in introducing e-governance and public service delivery through modern electronic system. President’s Executive Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Justice Ministry of the Republic of Tajikistan were represented in the delegation led by Deputy Minister of Justice.

Tbilisi Public Service Hall

During the visit held from 9 to 13 of December the Tajik officials met their Georgian counterparts to discuss the country’s practice in establishing a number of agencies integrated under the Public Service Halls or Justice Houses of Giorgia’s Justice Ministry to facilitate data exchange and inter-agency cooperation.

One of the key takeaways from the tour was that the human-centered approach and open communication between state institutions and citizens, as well as within the Justice Houses themselves significantly contributed to creating a more transparent system and helped to improve the quality of service delivery and clients’ satisfaction.

Tajik delegation listens to Georgian counterparts’ experience on transition to e-governance

Members of the delegation also learned about roles and functions of key state institutions in building and running the system that links the civil registration system to other national systems, such as the system of national identity for citizens, population registers, electoral rolls, national pension systems, and electronic medical records systems. This kind of interlinked system allows for a more efficient provision of public services, cutting monetary and time costs both for the state institutions and the citizens.  

“Georgia is a fine example of quick and effective transition to electronic governance system. It is also a small country that shares a part of its history with Tajikistan – that part, which served as a basis for the current government structure. So, it is particularly valuable for Tajikistan to learn from their practice in switching to e-governance: Now Tajikistan is undergoing through the same transition that Georgia has already experience several years ago,” Alisher Karimov, Team Leader of the UNDP governance portfolio said.

The study tour was organized in the framework of the “Support to Civil Registration System Reform” project funded by the Swiss Government.

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