Building Community Resilience: UNDP Establishes Advisory Groups on PVE in Tajikistan

April 20, 2023
Photo: UNDP Tajikistan

Dushanbe - UNDP Tajikistan in close partnership with Office of General Prosecutor and local authorities established the Advisory Groups (AGs) in Isfara, Kulyab, and Bokhtar cities, Shahrinav, Baljuvan, J. Balkhi, Nurabad, and Rudaki districts with the focus on prevention of violent extremism. These groups will also provide counselling and mentorship support to vulnerable individuals, families, and communities in response to early signs of radicalization.  It will become a unique platform for ensuring communities interests in the area of strengthening social cohesion, promotion of non-violent values and action, prevention of extremism, radicalization, and stigmatization are communicated and addressed by local authorities.


Photo: UNDP Tajikistan

Formally established by the order of the local authorities, these AGs are composed of representatives of local authorities, community leaders, religious leaders, CSOs, women activists, and youth. By bringing together these diverse perspectives, the AGs are a powerful tool for preventing and responding to violent extremism at the community level.

UNDP in Tajikistan remains committed to working closely with the General Prosecutor Office on expanding the number of AGs throughout the country and thus support the Government efforts on building communities resilience to violent extremism.