2020 Trees are Planted in Victory Park of Dushanbe

March 16, 2020

DUSHANBE – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Tajikistan and Dushanbe Mayor’s office supported the public initiative of young eco-activists to plant 2020 trees in Victory Park in Dushanbe.

The Mayor’s office allocated planting zone for conifers that are most suitable by their features for strengthening the soil of the slope. The UN Development Programme purchased 2020 trees as part of its mission to promote sustainable environmental development.

Trees play a major role in preserving the climate, playing many functional roles in the nature: They regulate the natural balance of water distribution in the soil, prevent excessive evaporation of soil humidity, lower air temperature, create natural protection to reduce the risk of natural disasters, and absorb some of the atmospheric chemical pollution.

UNDP annually allocates funds for planting trees in regions that are particularly prone to risks of mudflows and floods. In district, most often fruit trees are planted to give fruit yield to motivate the villagers care for orchards. Thus, in addition to protection from natural phenomena, UNDP ensures also to provide new economic opportunities and long-term care for the trees.

Environmental experts were involved in selecting most suitable conifers for the slope soil and territory in Victory Park. The administration of the park will be in charge of further care of the seedlings.

The process of planting seedlings in the park was controlled by experts from the Mayor’s office, the Committee for Environmental Protection of the Republic of Tajikistan and the park. More than 2,000 volunteers, including representatives of the private sector, government agencies, diplomatic missions, development partners, civil society, as well as individual eco-activists attended the event.

“Conservation of the climate and reducing the negative impact on the planet’s environment would help us achieve the sustainable development goals and a better future for all,” said Dr. Pratibha Mehta, UNDP Resident Representative in Tajikistan, in her welcoming speech.

For additional information, please contact us:

Rukhshona Nazhmidinova, UNDP Communications Analyst in Tajikistan, e-mail: rukhshona.nazhmidinova@undp.org  

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