Navigating Impartiality in a Polarized World: UNDP Tajikistan Engages in 2024 Ethics Awareness Conversation

May 27, 2024

UNDP Tajikistan staff

Nigora Fazliddin/ UNDP Tajikistan

UNDP Tajikistan embarked on a journey throughout 2024's Ethics Awareness Month to refresh and enhance their awareness of addressing ethics, impartiality, and public expression in today’s polarized world.

       Dushanbe – May 17, 2024. During the ongoing Ethics Awareness Month UNDP Tajikistan’s team used the occasion to analyze hypothetical cases that closely mirror real-life scenarios on crucial issues.

The open dialogue involving project managers, heads of units, administrative and finance associates, and program staff served as a moment to refresh participants’ awareness about how to address issues of ethics, impartiality, and public expression. 

The participants also had the opportunity to reaffirm their commitment to the United Nations and its core values as members of the UNDP family through the Declaration of Office. 

It is worth highlighting that the Declaration of Office, along with the principles outlined in the Charter of the United Nations, are the basic tenets guiding personnel's duties throughout their careers in UNDP, the UN, and as international civil servants.

The Declaration of Office calls for loyalty and discretion, requiring loyalty to both the United Nations (and UNDP) and to those we serve – the people of Tajikistan. 

It invites UNDP members to act consciously and with discretion, prioritizing the goals and integrity of the Organization over personal interests. 

Our actions must align with three important qualities – integrity, competence, and efficiency, which are paramount in everything we do.

Participants reviewed the key messages promoted by the UNDP Ethics Office: tolerance, independence, impartiality, and neutrality. 

From left to right: Parvin Muminov, "Improvement of Water Resources" Project Manager; Lenni Montiel, UNDP Resident Representative in Tajikistan; and Laima Onta-Bhatta, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative

Nigora Fazliddin/ UNDP Tajikistan

The senior management also expressed their appreciation for the work the team does every day as members of the UN family, improving the lives and well-being of women and men in Tajikistan. 

As part of the UN, UNDP Tajikistan remains committed to acting with impartiality and independence. This trust is crucial for UNDP to remain a reliable partner in delivering global goals, serving countries and communities, and maintaining the confidence of donors and the public. 

The UNDP is proud of the unshakable trust that facilitates global cooperation, helping millions of people across the globe, leaving no one behind, and supporting governments in building a better future.