Climate Change Film Contest Open for Amateurs and Professionals

Six awards. The “green” carpet ceremony. But one thing is missing: You! It’s the time for you to take action. Submit your short film to the Climate Change Film Contest.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Tajikistan is organizing its first ever Climate Change Film Contest to highlight climate change issues in Tajikistan focusing on present and future and showcase how Tajikistani people are taking action to tackle climate change. The Film Contest is launched in commemoration of 25 years of UNDP’s development efforts in Tajikistan and in recognition of commitments made by the global community, as well as Tajikistan, to confront climate change. The contest offers amateur and professional filmmakers around Tajikistan an opportunity to express their voice and vision through short, live-action films that highlight climate change issues as well as people working on tangible solutions to climate change.

Whether you use a professional camera or just your mobile phone, if your film has a good message or tells a good story, you have a chance to win!

On 27 September 2019 UNDP Office in Tajikistan will host a workshop for all interested participants to talk about climate change and advocacy filmmaking. The workshop will be held from 10:00-12:00 at the UN Conference Hall located at 39 Ayni Str., in Dushanbe. Please pre-register to attend the workshop by 25 September 2019 at and get a chance to be a winner.

Show us someone doing something good in your community to tackle climate change!

Enter the Climate Change Film Contest before 30 October 2019. Detailed information about the contest is available on UNDP and UNTJ websites at:  or

The selected films from in each category will be screened in Dushanbe cinemas and broadcasted through UNDP social media channels.

In November 2019, UNDP in Tajikistan will also host a “green” carpet award ceremony for the filmmakers to share good practices about advocacy filmmaking featuring high-level guests from the Government of Tajikistan, donor community, UN system and film/TV production studios.

Climate Change Film Contest


1.1.   The title of the Contest: Climate Change in Tajikistan (hereinafter – Contest).

1.2.   Contest Organizer: UNDP in Tajikistan

1.3.   Contest timeframes: 12 September – 30 October 2019.

1.4.   Contest is open to citizens of Tajikistan who are 18 years old or older (regardless of their location at the time of the Contest) (hereinafter – “Participants”).

1.5.   No activity of the participant within the Contest and related events must be offensive, infringe upon the rights of any person and otherwise violate the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan.

1.6.   Participants can send their film in two ways:

1)      By 30 October 2019 – send a link with uploaded film that meets all valid formats indicated in section 2.5 to the following email: with subject “Climate Change Film Contest” and indicating the name of the Participant, E-mail address and mobile phone number,


2)      By 30 October 2019 - submit the film stored on a flash/CD drive to UNDP country office located at 39 Aini Street in Dushanbe. The flash/CD drive shall be put inside an envelope labeled as “Climate Change Film Contest” indicating the name of the Participant, E-mail address and mobile phone number.

1.7.   The following details must be specified in a film to be submitted for the Contest:

·        The title of the film

·        Name of the director

·        Name of the composer or music used in the film

·        Synopsis

1.8.   The best 6 films selected by the Contest Jury will be screened at the final stage of the Contest during the Closure and Award Ceremony, which will be held in Dushanbe in November 2019 (the exact date of the Ceremony will be communicated additionally).


2.1.   The duration of the film should not exceed 5 minutes.

2.2.   The main topic of the film should address issues of “Climate Change in Tajikistan” in a creative manner   and through human stories. This can include how climate change affects people in Tajikistan, what someone or a group of people are doing to tackle this issue and etc.

2.3.   The film can be filmed in Russian, Tajik and English languages however English subtitles are necessary.

2.4.   The film should contain credits indicating the title of the film and names of all people who participated in its creation.

2.5.   The valid video formats are: MOV, MP4, AVI, MKV. Resolution: Full HD (1920x1080). File size should not exceed 2GB. The frame rate: 24 frames per second.

2.6.   The participants should not use other people's photos, video or audio materials, including excerpts from films/posters/music and any other materials without copyright. If the participant does not have a composer, he/she can use the music with a free license, or download it from

2.7.   It is prohibited to include any brands, or advertisement of goods and services in the film.

2.8.   In addition to the Contest Rules, the participant must familiarize himself/herself with rules and follow them.

2.9.   Films selected for screening will be required to provide a full resolution version of the film.


3.1.   The Contest Jury consisting of 3-5 people will be established to select 6 winners of the Contest. The Jury will be comprised of: 1 representative from UNDP (Chairperson), 1 representative of UN Agency other than UNDP, 1-2 representatives of Tajikistan filmmaking community and 1 representative of Tajikistan’s environmental NGO community,

3.2.   Six (6) awards will be awarded to the winners of the Contest (3 for professional and 3 for amateur films).

3.3.   The Jury will determine three winners among professional participants and three among amateurs in the following nominations:

a)      “The best interpretation of the topic”

b)     “The best camera work”

c)      “The best director”.

4.      OTHER

4.1.   The Participant transfers all non-exclusive rights to the film to the Organizer by submitting it for Contest.

4.2.   By taking part in the Contest the Participant agrees with the Rules of the Contest and is responsible to adhere to and implement them all. If the Participant violates the rules of the Contest or commits an act of fraud to receive a prize, he loses the right to be considered in the Contest to receive an award.

4.3.   The participant agrees that the Organizer receives non-exclusive rights to indefinite use of the results of intellectual activity in any form (short films) without any monetary compensation to its authors, as well as to the persons appearing in the film.

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