Portraits in perseverance

June 1, 2023
A man standing in front of a destroyed building

UNDP is committed to working with Ukrainians to rebuild their lives and livelihoods.

Photo: UNDP Ukraine

The war in Ukraine which is more than a year old, has torn families apart, displaced 6 million people. More than 8 million have crossed into neighbouring countries.

It’s destroyed homes, schools, hospitals, power plants, businesses and livelihoods. It’s ripped families apart. And even if the end were in sight, the country would still face years of recovery.  

UNDP’s Ukraine staff are living the conflict as well as working in it. Many are displaced themselves. They have family members serving on the front lines. Their work is addressing the horrors and deprivations of war while managing their personal grief and trauma. 

Yet despite the severe emotional stress that they operate under, they continue to serve—doing everything they can, and by whatever means they can, to improve the lives of their fellow citizens.

Alina Girych - "UNDP is about identifying needs."

Photo: UNDP Ukraine

Alina Girych is a business development specialist who is working with small businesses to ensure they get the support to function in a very challenging environment, whether from displacement or relocation.

She has been twice displaced—from Donetsk in 2014 and then from Mariupol. She is now living and working in Kyiv. 

“Here in UNDP we have different programmes to provide knowledge and to give some access to information. I really like that UNDP is about identifying of needs and giving a hand of support to those who are in need.” 

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Oleg Chakotadze - "We really see results from our work."

Photo: UNDP Ukraine

Oleg Chankotadze, UNDP's Entrepreneurship Promotion Specialist, works with small businesses to recover from the crisis and continue to grow. 

He had to leave his home in Luhansk in 2014. He worked elsewhere in the region until 2022 when he moved to Kyiv where he works on a nationwide programme.

“For me what is most important is that we really see results from our work. All our team members are happy to be involved in this process of making our country developed. 

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