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November 2, 2022
A medical worker walks through a hospital ward.

Sri Lanka is facing its worst economic crisis in decades. Millions are in need of humanitarian assistance.

Photo: WHO

Sri Lanka, an island known as the jewel of the Indian Ocean, is currently facing a serious economic crisis. This is the worst crisis that the country has faced since 1948. Millions have been affected – with 5.7 million people in desperate need of humanitarian assistance and almost 6.3 million Sri Lankans not knowing where their next meal will come from.

As conditions continue to remain dire, at UNDP, among other efforts, we have created a crowdfunding campaign to support the Sri Lanka population. Here we aim to break down the issue and also showcase the ongoing efforts to alleviate the crisis which we hope you can contribute to.

Which sectors have been most impacted by the economic crisis in Sri Lanka?

The health and food sectors are two of the most heavily affected sectors by this crisis. Supply chains have been disrupted, certain essential and non-essential medicines have become scarce and difficult to purchase, and as a result, at certain instances, some routine surgeries have been delayed throughout the nation as well. These distressing conditions are making communities increasingly vulnerable. Global support is needed to rebuild this island nation. That means we need your help to help Sri Lankans rebuild!


A farmer harvests pineapples in Sri Lanka.

The food sector has been hit hard by the economic crisis. Many Sri Lankan families don't know where their next meal will come from.

Photo: FAO/Reza Akram


Be a part of the solution and Rebuild Sri Lanka

We all can play our part in helping those who are most vulnerable and in need. Your support could help us save hundreds of lives around the country. So, if you’re wondering how you can contribute, we have just the thing! UNDP Sri Lanka has launched the Rebuild Sri Lanka, an individual crowdfunding platform. This initiative invites people from all across the world to donate and provide relief for vulnerable people in Sri Lanka.

How can you help?

Through the Rebuild Sri Lanka platform, you can contribute $5, $15 or more to support the healthcare and food sectors. Your contributions will be used to aid the current shortage in essential and non-essential medical supplies, to procure seeds for farmers for harvesting, and to create materials to encourage home gardening activities among families. Most importantly, your generosity will not only give Sri Lankans access to medicines and food but also the much needed hope with which they can rebuild a future for themselves!

In the words of Ms. Kanni Wignaraja, UN Assistant Secretary-General and UNDP Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific: “The ‘Rebuild Sri Lanka’ platform will enable people from across the globe to directly support vulnerable families in Sri Lanka through the procurement of critical medical supplies and strengthened food security efforts. The platform will provide full transparency over the use of funds, to ensure that these contributions will go exactly where they are needed. UNDP is committed to stand with the people of Sri Lanka in this time of need.”

Stand with us and the people of Sri Lanka, and become the change you wish to see in the world!


A nurse examines a medicine bottle in a hospital ward.

Due to supply chains disruptions, many critical medicines are scarce, causing delays in delivering care.

Photo: WHO

A collective effort

Many organizations have come together to support UNDP in launching the Rebuild Sri Lanka crowdfunding platform. These include Hema Holdings PLC, Dilmah Ceylon Tea Company, Brandix Apparel Limited, Citi Foundation and Amana Bank. Together, the aim is to support the ongoing health sector efforts of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization, as well as ongoing food sector efforts being led by the Food and Agriculture Organization. Sarvodaya, the United Nations Global Compact Network Sri Lanka, and oDoc Sri Lanka have also come on board as Strategic Partners. Additionally, the platform will engage with well-known Sri Lankan and international individuals from across various fields to help reach a wide global audience.

Together we can make a difference and help save many lives in Sri Lanka! Every donation really counts in this hour of need. So, please spread the word and donate today at:

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