UNV: Report of the Administrator

Executive Board of UNDP, UNFPA and UNOPS 2022 Annual Session

Posted June 9, 2022

UN Volunteer in Burkina Faso

Photo: UN Volunteers

As prepared for delivery

Mme. President, Members of the Executive Board,

I am pleased to join the session on the Administrator’s Report on the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) for 2021, the fourth and final year of the UNV Strategic Framework 2018-2021. Please allow me to introduce the report and the close cooperation between UNDP and UNV, before Mr. Kurbanov takes the floor to present the report in greater detail.

This annual report is the fourth and final one under the Strategic Framework of UNV for 2018-2021. As you may recall, the Executive Board took note of UNV’s new Strategic Framework (2022-2025) earlier this year at the first regular session.

Accompanying this report is an annex which lays out the baselines and targets for this new Strategic Framework, reflecting UNV’s renewed dynamism and ambition as the dedicated UN systemwide service.

UNDP is proud to host UNV, one of the first systemwide services of the UN system, established in 1971. At the same time, UNDP, alongside 54 other entities of the UN system, is a beneficiary of UNV services. In 2021, UNDP had 3,172 UN Volunteers. This is 10% of UNDP’s global workforce. These volunteers made a difference in the lives of communities and contributed to strategic objectives of UNDP.

I would like to thank all UN Volunteers who serve the United Nations in the development, peace and security, and human rights pillars. They bring diversity and grass roots engagement to the UN. My gratitude also goes out to the staff of UNV. Even when faced with significant challenges, they have delivered outstanding results.

Thank you, Mme. President.