Strengthening energy governance systems for a just energy transition

Statement delivered by Marcos Neto, UN Assistant Secretary General and Director of UNDP's Bureau for Policy and Programme Support at the Energy Governance Framework launch.

November 15, 2023
Photo: UNDP / Lebanon

Good [morning/afternoon/evening] esteemed delegates, distinguished guests, and partners, both present here and connected virtually. 

I extend my sincere gratitude for your presence and participation today as we embark on a pivotal moment in addressing the critical issue of energy governance.

We are in an enormous amount of global energy disparity. Despite prior efforts, over 675 million individuals still lack access to electricity, with a staggering 2.3 billion deprived of clean cooking facilities. 

 Without any concerted actions, we are looking at 2030, still 660 million will remain without electricity, while nearly 1.9 billion will still lack clean cooking facilities. These energy challenges transcend power shortages, they are fundamentally impacting essential facets of life—healthcare, education, employment, and basic human needs.

Because it impacts everything, I am excited about this work. It brings together energy and UNDP’s longstanding work of governance. We cannot solve the problems just by coming from an energy point of view, or by a health point of view, or by a governance point of view. We have to come in a collectively and integrated way. 

For us at UNDP, our Strategic Plan has placed sustainable energy access to 500 million people as a core. Four major targets for the strategic plan. To pursue this target we have created a Sustainable Energy Hub

The Hub's objective is clear—to propel us toward achieving energy systems transformation through a nexus approach that connects energy for development with all the other SDGs.

And by doing so, UNDP will support countries with on-ground impact and systemic change.

This framework that we are launching today is comprehensive and redefines governance, emphasizing inclusivity, effectiveness, and accountability. 

It's a roadmap delineating crucial focus areas: legal and regulatory frameworks, inclusive institutions, public engagement platforms, and empowered oversight agencies. 

UNDP's extensive governance expertise, gleaned from working in over 130 countries, uniquely positions us to guide nations grappling with intricate energy governance challenges.

Now what do we do with this framework? 

It’s a wonderful document. It shows me that internally in UNDP we are connecting our own dots, but we need this framework to be the genesis of unprecedented partnerships and transformative actions. 

We call upon governments, civil society, the private sector, and all stakeholders to join hands in adopting new energy paradigms outlined in this framework.

Together, we possess the potential to drive economic growth, eradicate poverty, bridge inequalities, and preserve our planet for generations to come. 

Moreover, this framework serves as a launchpad for pioneering thought leadership contributions which UNDP Sustainable Energy Hub with our Governance team is developing —addressing gender disparities, social aspects, digital-data, climate considerations, financial intersections, and broader environmental impacts.

Let us not view this framework merely as a guidance but as a dynamic catalyst—an inspiration to collectively enhance energy governance, fostering a truly equitable energy transition.

Thank you.