Statement by UNDP Associate Administrator Haoliang Xu at Human Rights 75 Conference

Voices 1 Pledging Session

December 11, 2023

The Human Rights 75 High-Level Event tool place on 11-12 December 2023.


Excellencies, Colleagues, 

Today we face the highest number of conflicts since 1948 and we face the triple planetary crisis. These are human rights crises and crises for sustainable development. 

UNDP considers human rights as fundamental to sustainable human development. The SDGs are grounded on human rights and they are key to  help ensure all people can gain freedom, equality, and dignity. 

UNDP is joining Member States and partners in committing to meaningful pledges as part of the Human Rights 75 Initiative.

First, we pledge to support Member States to operationalize the right of everyone to live in a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment in 100 countries by 2030. In a world facing the increasing impacts of climate change and the continued destruction of our natural world, this will empower communities with new tools to protect the rights of both humanity and the Earth. 

Second, we pledge to support Member States to integrate human rights and Sustainable Development Goal systems in 75 countries. With the clock ticking toward 2030, we need a concerted push to integrate human rights into the SDGs to make their promise – which is to leave no one behind – a reality. Strengthening national human rights institutions, the critical role of the business sector and systems integration are key to achieving this. 

And finally, we pledge to improve our rights-based programming for sustainable development. We will make ourselves more accountable to achieve human rights objectives. 

Thank you.