Statement on the situation in Ukraine

March 1, 2022

Witnessing the crisis unfolding in central Europe, I am deeply concerned for the millions of Ukrainians impacted and displaced by the military offensive. Today, UNDP joined the UN-system wide response to support those affected by the conflict, both inside Ukraine and in the neighbouring countries receiving refugees.

Under the Flash Appeal, UNDP support in-country will include food chain support, community and social cohesion and emergency response. Under the inter-agency Regional Refugee Response Plan, UNDP will support neighbouring countries to provide refugees with assistance including temporary shelter, emergency health-care services, ambulances and buses to transport people from border crossings.

I echo the UN Secretary-General and our UN colleagues when I say the violence must end. We need peace. People’s lives, their dignity and human rights must be protected.

For three decades in Ukraine, UNDP has worked with local communities and networks of partners to drive development and growth. We cannot afford to allow hard fought development gains to slip away.

This crisis will deepen existing vulnerabilities and inequalities across the region. This is the time for solidarity. UNDP continues to work alongside our UN colleagues and is committed to scaling up recovery and reconstruction efforts as soon as conditions allow.