Government of Sweden commits to funding an additional $3.4 Million USD to support peacebuilding in South Sudan

November 25, 2021

24 November 2021- Joachim Waern, Head of Office for Sweden in South Sudan and Samuel. Doe, UNDP South Sudan Resident Representative formally signing on the agreement of additional funds to boost the development cooperation for peace building in South Sudan. Photo: UNDP/ Peter Kongmalavong

JUBA —The Government of Sweden signed an agreement for additional funding to the 4-year (2021-24) UNDP’s Peace Community and Cohesion Project (PaCC), which started in June 2020. The additional $3.4 million USD will be used to strengthen capacity for peace infrastructure, social cohesion, dialogue, and peaceful coexistence through people-centred  interventions. This brings SIDA’s contribution to over USD 17 million for the four-year period. 

The signing of the continued development partnership comes timely to support work on community, reconciliation and Healing (CTRH) launched this year. 

"I want to express deep appreciation to Sweden for the continued partnership with UNDP. Not just in South Sudan, but globally, Sweden is among the lead supporters of UNDP. We have been partners for nearly a decade in South Sudan, and that has brought tangible transformation to communities  from the grassroot to the national level.” Samuel G.Doe UNDP Resident Representative of South Sudan said in his remarks.

Joachim Waern has stepped in as the new Head of Office, for Sweden in South Sudan.  

"Peace, development and security is the combination we think of as the future, for this country to come away from an ad-hoc humanitarian situation We are happy to see UNDP as a dedicated partner, a commitment that is very impressive. UNDP is also  working in areas that are not always risk free. We see that the additional financing is something we can stand up for the Swedish taxpayer to provide the people of South Sudan a better future.” said Joachim Waern, Head of Office for Embassy of Sweden. 

The peacebuilding and development projects have steered South Sudan to identify the development gaps in communities across the states. Chairman of the Peace Commission in the Republic of South Sudan, Chuol Rambang affirms the purposefulness and value of the development partnership with UNDP noted that: 

“Conflict early warning is fundamental for the Government of South Sudan to achieve peace. Through UNDP’s Peace and Community Cohesion project, which is supported by the Government of Sweden, we’ve been able to identify triggers and locations of conflict and prevent violence from escalating.” Hon. Chuol Rambang said in his statement. 

The contribution of Sweden will address ongoing challenges in the project such as weak peace infrastructure for peace, illegal and longstanding practices of cattle raiding, child abductions, force marriages and age-set youth, gender peace development and climate induced and resource-based conflicts. The outcomes of the project also address South Sudan’s National Development Strategy to achieve peaceful cohesive and accountable societies.  


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About UNDP South Sudan Peace and Community Cohesion Programme:

The Peace and Community Cohesion programme (PaCC) at UNDP seeks to reduce and mitigate community level conflict and insecurity by investing in initiatives that address key drivers of conflict and insecurity. Using UNDP’s community security and social cohesion approach, the project empowers communities and supports the central and subnational governments and authorities to establish and enhance the capacity of peace infrastructures to manage conflicts peacefully; deepen social, cultural and economic cohesion among communities to foster healing, reconciliation and peaceful coexistence; and empower citizens, with added emphasis on women, youth and other marginalized groups for voice, agency and participation in governance and peacebuilding.

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Joachim Waern opens with UNDP RR for South Sudan, Samuel G.Doe Women's Peace Centre in Aweil North testing water pump system. Photo: UNDP \Peter Kongmalavong

Sweden funded project on strengthening gender and inclusive mechanisms for all states. UNDP DRR Christy Ahenkor is giving opening remarks. Photo: UNDP \Peter Kongmalavong

Sweden funded project strengthening peace and cohesion in communities in Malakal welcoming dignitaries. Photo: UNDP \Peter Kongmalavong

Female Peace Committee member in the handover of Aweil North Women's Peace Centre funded by Sweden. Photo: UNDP \Peter Kongmalavong

Former head of programmes for Swedish embassy in South Sudan, Lars opening 4 week ToT workshop on pyschosocial and trauma healing. Photo UNDP \Peter Kongmalavong

Sweden funded Women's Peace Centre in Greater Pibor Administrative Area. Center of photo Chief Govenor, Lokoli Amee and UNDP DRR for South Sudan Christy Ahenkora. Photo: UNDP \Peter Kongmalavong

Joachim Waern hands over keys to chief of women's peace committee for the Women's Peace Centre in Aweil North. Photo: UNDP \Peter Kongmalavong