Soil degradation and Climate Change in Serbia

hands holding soil and plant bud with text Soil Degradation and Climate Change in Serbia


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Soil degradation and Climate Change in Serbia

July 27, 2022

The increasing demand for food production and change of soil/land uses under changing climate, with increasing extreme events is a great challenge for humanity. Healthy soils are the basis for the health of the living environment, food security and the ecosystem’s stability. In Serbia, observed climate change features show that there is an increasing risk of droughts, heatwaves and extreme precipitation. Their combined effect is used to assess the risk for soil degradation over the entire territory of Serbia, with the focus on vulnerable areas. This document presents result of assessment of vulnerability and climate change impact on soils, with main conclusions and recommendations providing information relevant for future planning of adaptation measures and advising on further analysis required for the improvement of understanding the climate change impact on soils.