Analytical Paper on Roma Returnees


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Analytical Paper on Roma Returnees

October 23, 2018

According to estimates of the German government, up to 200,000 Serbian citizens are expected to be returned from the EU in the near future. Most of them are Roma. This is recognized by the strategy for Reintegration of Returnees, which singles out Roma as a group at particular risk in the return process that should receive special attention.

The main purpose of this assignment is thus to conduct analysis and prepare a report about the current situation of Roma returnees under the readmission agreement in Serbia. In particular, this paper is an attempt to reveal impact of the inclusive Roma housing, employment and education interventions under the UNDP project ‘Reintegration of Roma Returnees in Serbia’ and make assessment on strengths and weaknesses of the applied ‘cooperation model’. The final objective is to support economic empowerment and social inclusion of Roma returnees in Serbia.

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