Advancing Medium and Long-Term Adaptation Planning in the Republic of Serbia

Project Background:

Climate change impacts threaten Serbia’s development, particularly agriculture and water management, forestry, energy, transport and infrastructure sectors. In line with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Paris Agreement for Climate Change, and within the EU accession progress, Serbia has committed to adapt to changing climate conditions. Serbia has made much progress in establishing an effective institutional and legal framework to combat climate change, though significant gaps and needs remain. These include insufficient information flow among relevant institutions, as well as uncoordinated and ad hoc planning and lack of funding for further integration of climate change adaptation measures into strategies and policies on national and subnational level. 


To improve Serbia’s legal framework for addressing climate change vulnerabilities and strengthen institutional capacities for integrating climate change adaptation (CCA) measures into decision making and investment planning.


• Strengthening legal and institutional framework for climate change adaptation (CCA);

• Assessing and addressing immediate national and subnational CCA policy and institutional capacity gaps;

• Developing of the National Climate Change Adaptation Plan (NAP) and integration of the CCA into national and subnational planning processes;

• Improving of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC);

• Developing of web-based application and platform for Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments and Adaptation (CCA);

• Conducting trainings, workshops and consultative meetings on CCA with representatives from relevant institutions.

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