It Specially Matters – Let's Equip Tutin's First Sensory Room Together

December 20, 2021

Belgrade, 20 December 2021 – The upcoming holidays are a time to remember all that really matters and all that we have to be thankful for. It is the right moment to look around us and, to the extent that we can, help make sure no one is left behind and forgotten in our society.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Municipality of Tutin and Habiba Stočević Kindergarten invite all who can, to join the humanitarian action to equip Tutin's first sensory room for children with disabilities.

This humanitarian action has been launched with the aim of procuring equipment to stimulate the senses of vision, hearing, smell and touch, so as to enable preschool teachers to work with these youngsters more easily and efficiently.

In Tutin, there are currently 45 children aged between 3 and 6 who are missing out on opportunities to grow and develop their potentials as other children, owing to lack of a sensory room with the right equipment. These girls and boys have the same needs as all other children, but need additional support.

The equipment we are looking to procure for them includes soft floor and wall pads, rest mats and pillows, ball bubble tubes, light projectors, musical chairs, soft play block sets, interactive boards and essential oil diffusers.

These items help alleviate children's tension and encourage their independence through the development of fine motor and basic life skills such as: fastening and unfastening buttons, zippers and belts, tying knots and bows, cleaning up clothes, shoes and space.

Unfortunately, since not a single kindergarten in Tutin has such facilities, children with disabilities are not included in the preschool education system.

Now everybody has a chance to change this by supporting Habiba Stočević Kindergarten and helping procure the equipment for the first sensory room in Tutin.

Prospective donors can support the campaign online, by making a donation via

More information about the campaign and how to donate is available here.