Exhibition of green ideas, projects and innovations opened in Niš

August 10, 2023
EU Info Point Niš

Niš, 10 August 2023 – At the Niš Fortress, in front of Salon 77, a photographic exhibition has been opened, representing fifteen innovations that are among the best solutions for green transformation of Serbian economy and society that have been supported and realised thus far. The exhibition is jointly organised by the EU Info Point Niš and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). 

A large number of the exhibited innovations have already been applied in practice due to the support by the “EU for the Green Agenda in Serbia”. These are “green” solutions that already have their positive impact on the environment and people’s health, which were developed by Serbian innovators from the private and public sector, civil society organisations, research institutions and local self-governments. 

In addition to the photos, the exhibition also contains descriptions of the innovations, so visitors can find out in what way practical implementation of these ideas contributes to a decreased emission of greenhouse gases (GHG), transition to renewable energy sources, reuse of waste to get new products, improved air quality, and preservation of biodiversity.  

The visitors can, inter alia, see the photovoltaic power plant with electric vehicle chargers installed in the apartment complex of Magdon in Niš, an innovation in textile waste recycling from Novi Pazar, the innovation by a company from Smederevska Palanka which produces pencils and crayons from recycled newsprint paper, as well as the “Liquid Tree” developed by the Institute for Multidisciplinary Research from Belgrade, which represents a new biotechnological solution that purifies air and decreases carbon-dioxide emission, especially in densely populated urban areas. 

Exhibition “Green ideas, projects and innovations” will be opened until 14 August. It is organised within the project “EU for the Green Agenda in Serbia”, implemented by the United Nations Development Programme with the technical and financial support by the European Union and in partnership with the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and in cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden and the European Investment Bank (EIB), where additional funding has been provided by the governments of Sweden, Switzerland and Serbia.

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