EU will support Serbia's green transformation with 8 million euros

December 8, 2021

Belgrade, December 8, 2021 - Ambassador and head of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia, H.E. Emanuele Giaufret announced today at the UN House in Belgrade that the European Union will allocate 8 million euros to help Serbia initiate a "green" transformation, mitigate the effects of climate change and build an economy and society resistant to changed climate conditions. 

"The European Union is Serbia's main economic partner and the largest investor when it comes to protecting the environment and fighting climate change. We want to help Serbia increase its climate ambitions and effectively cope with the challenges posed by climate change. We will cooperate with the Serbian government, but also with the private sector and civil society organisations, because only together can we reach this goal," said H.E. Emanuele Giaufret.

He pointed out that the goal of the European Union is to reduce greenhaouse gas emissions by 2030 with a glass garden effect by 55%, as well as being the first coal-neutral continent in 2050.

The ambassador and head of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Serbia participated in the panel discussion "Green Agenda for the Western Balkans in the post COP 26 world", where it was discussed how Serbia should contribute to slowing climate change, adapt to their consequences and how to finance all these activities.

The panel was opened by Mirjana Špoljarić Egger, UN Assistant Secretary General and director of the UNDP in Europe and Central Asia, who is now officially visiting Serbia, and Anđelka Atanaskovic, Minister of the economy in the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

Mirjana Špoljarić Egger stressed the importance of Serbia increasing its Nationally Determined Contributions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible and initiating a green transformation of the economy, so that it can remain a competitor in its key export markets, create new jobs and protect the environment.

"Thanks to EU support through the "Green Agenda for Serbia" project, we hope to be able to attract over 50 million euros of private and public capital that will allow Serbia to reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution, increase renewable energy and improve the management of natural resources and waste,"  added Mirjana Špoljarić Egger.

Minister Atanasković stressed that the green transformation of the economy will enable the long-term preservation of the liquidity of Serbian economy, so Serbia's Industrial Policy Strategy by 2030 has recognized its benefits, and provides special measures to support the implementation of green technologies in industry and economy.

The panel discussion also included The Ambassador of Germany to the Republic of Serbia H.E. Thomas Schieb, Ambassador of Great Britain to the Republic of Serbia H.E. Sian Macleod, State Secretary at the Ministry of Mining and Energy Zoran Lakićević, State Secretary at the Ministry of Environmental Protection Jelena Tanasković and Head of regional representation of the European Investment Bank for the Western Balkans Alessandro Bragonzi.

The goal of the "Green Agenda for Serbia" project, which will be implemented from 2022 by the UNDP, with financial support of the EU, in cooperation with the Swedish Agency for International Development and Cooperation (SIDA) and the European Investment Bank (EIB), is to help Serbia advance policies, take concrete activities and increase investment in green transformation, especially in the areas of decarbonisation, reducing air pollution, water and land, circular economy, agriculture and food production, as well as protecting biodiversity.