Depopulation Data Challenge: Examining Depopulation Through a New Lens

January 16, 2020

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What does depopulation really mean for Serbia? Think about developmental impact and opportunities of depopulation as well as all the alternative data sources you can use to tackle this question.

Although we often hear about the challenges the world’s growing population poses, countries in Eastern Europe and the Balkans can attest to a different kind of challenge – depopulation.

For decades, Serbia has been experiencing a demographic change due to a variety of factors. According to projections, the country could lose nearly a quarter of its population in the span of six decades.

Calling for domain experts and IT professionals 

We are inviting professionals in the IT sector and academic community representatives working in domains relevant for depopulation – to combine a data-driven and multidisciplinary approach in order to deepen the understanding of the driving forces behind depopulation, its implications on development and the opportunities it may offer. 

The full text of the Challenge can be downloaded here

The role of alternative data sources for a deeper understanding of depopulation 

Data plays a key role in how we respond to depopulation. Using alternative data sources alongside with traditional data collection through censuses and surveys, can be of great importance for examining depopulation through a new lens. 

In addition to official data, we encourage you to think about sources including, but not limited to:

  • Public utility companies;

  • Satellite imagery providers; 

  • Telecommunications operators; 

  • Google trends; 

  • Social networks; 

  • Retail chains: sales of basic supplies in certain areas; 

  • Transportation providers; 

  • Other alternative data that illuminates family dynamics, economic development, social mobility.

Why should you participate?

By engaging different professionals and employing a variety of skills and resources regarding this topic, applicants will have a chance to identify new opportunities for addressing depopulation, offer fresh insights into the problem and lend a much-needed hand to ongoing efforts tackling Serbia’s shrinking population.

This approach will ensure that data analysis, academic research and new technologies come together and bring us closer to new perspectives and possibilities.

We will award one or several of the best ranking ideas with the total amount of 40.000,00 USD for the development of the solution. 

Who can apply? 

All interested parties, civil society organizations,  companies, research institutes and individuals are invited to participate in the Challenge by filling in this form

The Depopulation Data Challenge application is a two-phase process. The first phase asks you to explain your idea and give information regarding the data that you plan to use. The deadline for submitting this initial idea is February 29th. Only shortlisted ideas will enter the second phase of the Challenge, when we will ask for more details on the approach, team composition, and budget.