Data against corona virus - invitation for collaboration

April 3, 2020

Together with the Initiative “Digital Serbia” and Data Science Serbia, UNDP Serbia is inviting science community in Serbia to come together on Thursday April 9th, for a digital meet-up, to explore how data can be used to fight Coronavirus. Eligible initiatives and ideas may be focused on using data to help solve the current situation resulting from the pandemic, but also offer suggestions for addressing its future consequences. UNDP will seek to strengthen these initiatives through additional human or other resources. 

This online meetup is for those who are into data science and who:

- have already launched their projects on the COVID-19 pandemic,

- have an idea how to use the data and plan to work on it or

- want to invest their time and creativity, and support existing initiatives.

Through this meetup, besides helping with coordination among the data science community, organizers want to see how they can support individual projects and enable them to be implemented more quickly and effectively.

The meet-up wll be held in Serbian.