Campaign for greater transparency of local public finances

September 25, 2018

Supported by the Government of Switzerland and aware of the importance of promoting good practice in accountable and efficient public finance management at the local level, UNDP is launching a media campaign “Let’s get TO KNOW each other”. The aim of this campaign is to promote examples of good practice, and also to inspire and encourage other municipalities to introduce greater transparency and accountability in public finance management at the local level.

In fifteen cities throughout Serbia, efforts are being made to encourage citizens to take part in planning and allocating the city budget. Cooperation between local self-governments and the civil society resulted in the fact that the citizens are now much better informed about their rights and have a greater role in deciding on the priorities and allocation of public funds. Due to this, children’s parks and bicycle paths have been renewed, additional funds have been allocated for the transport of persons with disabilities and for the construction of shelters for victims of violence, and larger resources have been allocated for the development of rural roads and the financing of sport clubs in small local communities.

The campaign “Let’s get TO KNOW each other” will promote good practices of transparent public finance management from Krusevac, Leskovac, Loznica, Ruma and Uzice. The aim of this promotional campaign is to inspire municipalities and cities from all over Serbia to follow the example of the above-mentioned local self-governments, and to encourage citizens to become more involved in the planning and allocation of local budgets.