Innovation Lab 2019

May 8, 2019

From fashion and beauty to infrastructure, agriculture and industrial solutions – from high fashion in Copenhagen to potato flour in rural Brande. The 19 participating Danish companies in SDG Accelerator come from a wide range of industries. On May 6-7. they all gathered at UN City to continue working on their SDG solutions at the Innovation Lab. 

Innovation Lab

On May 6-7, 2019, the 19 participating Danish companies in SDG Accelerator for SMEs gathered for the Innovation Lab at UN City in Copenhagen. It was the next step in the Innovation Journey of the programme. At the Innovation Lab, the 19 companies continued their work with the SDGs together with UNDP, Monitor Deloitte and 40 external subject experts. 

Ideation phase

At the Innovation Lab the companies went from the identified problem and idea to developing a viable business solution with significant SDG impact. Over the course of two full days, each company worked to progress their idea into a solution, guided by a designated facilitator. Throughout the Lab, each company had the chance to share perspectives and get input from invited subject experts from the UN system, NGOs, academia and larger corporations.

More than 40 subject experts and five sounding boards

By convening all companies, facilitators and experts, the Lab brought together different perspectives that helped progress the solutions. The Sounding Board comprised a number of experts (4-6) with a diverse background and competencies spanning both commercial and SDG expertise. They collectively validated and provided feedback to the companies on their solution and the envisioned SDG impact during the Lab. 

During the two days, the companies showed courage, curiosity and action while tackling the challenges embedded in the SDGs. They came in with an idea and left with a test plan for a new product, service or business model spanning across water filters, potato flour, clothing and plastic. 

We can't wait to continue the journey with these companies. Full speed ahead to achieving the SDGs.

The 19 participating companies in SDG Accelerator in 2019

- AquaPorin, Bramidan, Casa, Pack Tech, AquaPri, SwipBox, Ganni, Unibio, Shark Solutions, KMC, Sera Scandia, Wood Wood, Fors, Via Biler, Eltronic, Stryhns, Friland, Rudolph Care and Nordisk. 

The experts:

- Jonathan Winch and Mercedes Beaudoin (cylindr BBN), Ib Albertsen (IFU), Mette Skøt (The Danish Growth Fund), Anne Gadegaard (Novo Nordisk), Anders Bech Tharsgaard (Danish Refugee Council), Søren E. Lütken (UNEP DTU), Ditte Lysgaard Vind (Lendager Group - The Circular Way), Eva Raabyemagle (UNHCR), Morten Schacht Högnesen (DanChurchAid), Karen Panum Thisted (Global Compact), Morten Fauerby Thomsen (CARE Denmark), Michael Tilsted (Netto International, Salling Group), Anne Sophie Vinther Hansen (Maersk Supply Services), Pelle Lütken (1902 Consulting), Vigga Svensson (Continued), Jonas Svensson (UNOPS), Henrik Ebbesen (Deloitte Digital), Filip Lau (Red Associates), Mette Dahlgaard (Gemyse), Pelle Pedersen (Impact Fund), Marianne Boelskifte (DTU), Connie Enghus (ROCKWOOL Group), Ole Lindholm (the Danish MFA), Søren Rahbek Østergaard (Danish Technological Institute), Sonja Stockmarr (Urbanization), Kristian Kolstrup (Incentive DK), Sune Bang (Communications Advisor), Annette Hastrup (Cradle to Cradle), Olcay Tetik (UNDP), Charlotte Pedersen (GAIN), Sanne Jensen (GAIN), Jens Almdal (Danfoss), Christian Hartvig (Member on The Committee on Foundation Governance), Erik Ervolder Olesen (HedeDanmark), Jordan Waid (Trend Lab), Suzi Christoffersen (Closed Loop), Julie Lykke Jacobsen (Danish Agriculture and Food Council), John Raabo (The Black Circus), Justin Perrettson (Novozymes), Peer Kjær (By Denmark).