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SDG Accelerator


The SDG Accelerator is a part of the UNDP service offer providing companies, business incubators and accelerators the necessary expertise and tools to enable implementation of the SDGs. In collaboration with partners, UNDP provides full acceleration programs or services into existing incubation or acceleration programmes to support companies at different growth/maturity stages. UNDP assists companies in the adjustment of business models to catalyze sustainable business development and innovation that deliver on the SDG targets.

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The SDG Accelerator has been developed in collaboration with a range of partners and stakeholders and is adapted, refined, and improved for each time an accelerator is implemented around the world. The initial programme was developed in close collaboration with Nordic frontrunner companies working to integrate sustainability and the SDGs into innovation and business strategy with a view to strengthen business performance and value creation.

Typical accelerator partners include existing business accelerators and incubators, investors, foundations, industry associations, governmental institutions, SME supporting organizations and UNDP country offices and knowledge centres.

The SDG Accelerator builds on UNDPs methodology but is designed in collaboration with partners and can be tailored to fit with various contexts and needs.

About the United Nations Development Programme

UNDP is the leading UN development organization with a presence in more than 170 countries and territories and a comprehensive network of global experts. UNDP helps countries to develop policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities and build resilience in order to sustain development results.

As such, UNDP has a strong position in relation to implementing the SDGs across sectors, industries, and markets.

When countries implement the 2030 Agenda, UNDP is by their side. UNDP’s strength comes from having the trust of developing countries, owing to its impartial character, longstanding presence, and commitment to the poorest and most vulnerable. UNDP also plays a key role as the backbone of the wider UN Development System, helping agencies work together for sustainable development.

UNDPs Strategic Plan 2022-2025 describes how UNDP intends to work together with our partners to deliver what’s required in these extraordinary times. This bold, ambitious Plan is structured around “3x6x3” – 3 directions of change, 6 signature solutions, and 3 enablers – a clear framework for where UNDP needs to head.

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