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SDG Accelerator


The SDG Accelerator follows the design and process outlined in the SDG Accelerator Blueprint and Toolbox.

The Blueprint and Toolbox are updated and refined regularly in conjunction with results and learnings from the implementation process as part of UNDP's adaptive learning process.

The assets cannot be used for sale or for commercial purposes. Any use of these assets should also be accompanied by an acknowledgment of UNDP as the source, citing the uniform resource locator (URL) of the UNDP SDG Accelerator. Reproduction or translation of substantial portions of tools, or any use other than for educational or other non-commercial purposes, require explicit, prior authorization in writing.

Download the SDG Accelerator logo here.

SDG Accelerator Blueprint

The Blueprint gives an overview of the accelerator programme and its outcomes and is designed to be used in conjunction with the Toolbox. The goal is that both the Blueprint and the Toolbox can be picked up by individual companies, workshop facilitators, and those hoping to run their own impact and SDG Accelerators, serving as both inspiration and support in execution.

SDG Accelerator Toolbox

The Toolbox is designed as a hands-on introduction to the key tools and frameworks used during the accelerator, alongside optional exercises and facilitation suggestions.

The Toolbox comprises both key tools and additional tools that can be helpful in the accelerator process. All users of the Toolbox are encouraged to spend at least the suggested time on the key tools, as these are often the exercises that require most time to get right.

SDG Opportunity Cards

The SDG Opportunity Cards is one of the key tools on the Toolbox. With 17 SDGs, and 169 sub-targets, it can be overwhelming to navigate where to start, when working with the SDGs. The SDG Opportunity Cards developed specifically for the SDG Accelerator service offer can be used to unpack opportunities in the business-relevant SDG-targets.

The SDG Opportunity Cards outline the SDG targets that are most directly relevant for the private sector and operationalize them by highlighting the underlying challenge of the targets and the potential role for businesses in addressing this. Each card describes an unmet need and a challenge that companies can turn into business opportunity.

Impact Management & Measurement (IMM)

IMM includes identifying and considering the positive and negative effects that business actions have on people and the planet and figuring out ways to mitigate the negative and maximize the positive in alignment with business goals and the SDGs. IMM is iterative by nature.

The IMM tool in the SDG Accelerator is a simple tool and should be considered as a first step, to start measuring and managing positive and negative impacts.

Companies are encouraged to go more in depth by adopting the SDG Impact Standards for Enterprises.