Strengthen RoL in Rwanda:Justice, Gender, peace&security

The programme “Strengthening the Rule of Law in Rwanda: Justice, peace and security for the people” is in line with the National Strategy for Transformation (NST) focus on transformational governance as a key priority to achieve social and economic transformation by 2024. The Programme is developed in close collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, the Rwanda National Police, the Rwanda Corrections Services, the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission and Rwanda Bar Association. In the spirit of bridging the humanitarian-development nexus and attaining the goals of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework adopted by the Government of Rwanda in February 2018, UNDP and UNHCR are engaged in a joint collaboration across several sectors, and will work closely on the inclusion of refugees in this programme document. The programme attempts to address the prevailing gaps in providing access to quality justice, sustaining peace and security for all, particularly women and other vulnerable groups as well as in fulfilling human rights commitments. In line with the SDGs principle of Leaving No One Behind, marginalised and vulnerable groups including people with disability, inmates, refugees and GBV victims will be at the centre of policy actions.