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The world is facing a justice crisis. The causes of injustice are complex, multi-faceted and deeply intertwined with governance, security, human rights and development challenges. Addressing this crisis requires innovative, holistic and people-centred responses. The Justice Futures CoLab is a space for experimentation, learning and innovation in the justice field. It offers a way of working, both virtually and in-person, that convenes a diverse range of people, expertise and perspectives to collectively question, discuss and construct new ideas and approaches to tackling justice-related issues at the local, regional and global levels.

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The Justice Futures CoLab is anchored within UNDP's Global Programme for Strengthening the Rule of Law, Human Rights, Justice and Security for Sustainable Peace and Development that is implemented by the Rule of Law, Security and Human Rights (ROLSHR) Team. It supports and advances the Global Programme’s commitment to enabling integrated responses to complex challenges and strategic innovation, and UNDP's Knowledge Strategy 2022-2025 for greater organisational knowledge leadership.

On this page, you can access the most up-to-date thinking and approaches being generated from the Justice Futures CoLab across a range of thematic areas in support of collective efforts to promote the rule of law, justice, security and human rights globally.

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The Justice Futures CoLab exists as a voice for and an influencer of change

The Justice Futures CoLab accelerates and incubates new ways of thinking and acting in furtherance of the ROLSHR team’s and the Global Programme’s strategy for transformative change. Applying a people-centred and problem-driven approach, the CoLab aims to ensure lessons and evidence from practice inform and influence policy-making, to explore innovative approaches, tools and technologies for justice transformation, and to champion justice as a core component of preventing, responding and recovering from conflict, crisis and fragility.

The Justice Futures CoLab responds to both long-standing justice challenges, such as barriers to access to civil and criminal justice, impunity, and discriminatory legal frameworks; and emerging challenges, such as those linked to rapidly developing technologies. It does so through its five-pronged approach:

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Katy Thompson  
Head, UNDP Rule of Law, Security and Human Rights 


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