UNDP Annual Report 2006




UNDP Annual Report 2006

November 23, 2015

With the advent of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the years prior to 2006 had seen UNDP scale up its activities in a major way.  2005 was an important year for the development agenda, with the international community reaffirming its commitment to the MDGs.  Recent years have seen a significant increase in the volume of resources given to support UNDP’s work.  This report outlines the actions taken by UNDP in 2006 to strengthen democracy and the rule of law, scale up prevention and recovery methods to deal with crises, expand partnerships including with the civil society, and launch programmes that make an impact on the ground.


  • In 2005, UNDP helped strengthen democratic governance in over 130 countries and devoted US$1.4 billion in resources to these efforts.
  • UNDP was called upon to assist countries in post-conflict situations by supporting early efforts to consolidate peace, reintegrate combatants, jump-start economic recovery and re-establish the rule of law.
  • In an effort to deliver better and more coordinated services on the ground, UNDP expanded its partnership with civil society organizations on the ground.