Recovery Guidance Note




Recovery Guidance Note

May 12, 2017

Nearly half of the countries where UNDP works are prone to conflict, disasters, political instability and economic shocks. UNDP assists countries that are addressing sudden and slow-onset events that destabilize economies and communities by supporting their governments as they move out of the crisis response phase and into the planning and implementation of longer-term recovery activities. As one of the few partners with a mandate and a permanent presence on the ground before, during and after a crisis, UNDP is well positioned to take action at the onset of crises to establish a clear link between humanitarian activities, recovery planning and the transition to sustainable development pathways. 

The main objective of this Guidance Note on National Post-Disaster Recovery Planning and Coordination is to provide practical advice to UNDP Country Offices on how to design and implement recovery initiatives that will strengthen government capacity to lead and manage national recovery efforts in the early, medium and long-term.