Mine Action and the Sustainable Development Goals




Mine Action and the Sustainable Development Goals

July 7, 2017

The joint GICHD-UNDP study explores the links between mine action and the 2030 Agenda and its SDGs. It seeks to reflect the current understanding of the contribution and impact that mine action is having on achieving the 2030 Agenda in countries affected by landmines, cluster munitions and other explosive remnants of war.

The study also aims to provide guidance to policy and decision makers from mine action organisations, donors and particularly National Mine Action Authorities on how to:

• increase awareness and understanding of the 2030 Agenda amongst the mine action community and its core partners;

• identify the catalytic potential of mine action for progress across relevant SDGs;

• promote clear mainstreaming of mine action into broader sustainable development through integrated prioritisation, planning, financing, implementation, monitoring, and reporting mechanisms;

• establish SDG-compatible outcomes and indicators for monitoring and reporting on project achievements;

• participate in the development of national SDG strategies, policies, plans and frameworks.

Finally, the study strives to bring resources and knowledge on SDG mainstreaming from other sectors closer to the mine action community. It also hopes to provide an avenue for mine action to add its voice to the broader debates on humanitarian action and development that have emerged in recent years.