The Indicators We Want

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The Indicators We Want

May 26, 2016

This report is the outcome of a discussion among many experts, who were actively engaged in the design of sound indicators for measuring Goal 16, as an input to the work of the United Nations Statistical Commission's Inter-Agency and Expert Group on SDG Indicators (IAEG-SDG) and the Praia Group on Governance Statistics. It is also meant to provide inspiration and guidance for the development of Goal 16 indicators at the regional and national levels.


The Virtual Network for the Development of Indicators for Goal 16 brought together governance experts, development practitioners, statisticians, UN agencies and civil society organizations to advice on the best possible set of indicators for measuring progress on goal 16 in the Post-2015 development framework.


In the first section of the sourcebook, reflections on recent experiences with data collection and use of indicators related to peace, justice and institutions are shared. That section also provides guidance on the process of identifying indicators and a brief discussion on types of indicators and their relevance. It highlights the importance of complementary and supplementary indicators, as well as the need for disaggregation. The section concludes with some considerations for effective implementation.


In addition to the practical guidance in the sourcebook, Annex 1 is a reference document for government agencies, National Statistics Offices, civil society organisations and other users. That reference document identifies and describes suggested indicators for each target, followed by alternative specifications and supplementary indicators necessary for a proper monitoring of the target at national and regional levels.