GPECS II - Inclusive and Credible Elections for Sustainable Peace




GPECS II - Inclusive and Credible Elections for Sustainable Peace

September 27, 2016

In peace processes and transitional contexts, elections are a central element and widely considered to be the main method of achieving a non-violent resolution to political controversies. Though, during the electoral cycle, social and political differences are played out and existing fault lines in societies are often exacerbated, hence the risk for violence increases during these periods. Electoral assistance in volatile and/or post-conflict countries therefore requires a special approach in order to create an inclusive environment, based on institutionalized dialogues, responsive institutions and respect for democratic processes. Under the Global Component, GPECS II develops policies regarding the prevention of electoral violence and the creation of safe and secure environments during elections. Furthermore, GPECS develops training courses and knowledge tools on prevention of and response to electoral violence in areas such as security planning for elections, gender based violence in electoral and political processes, electoral dispute resolution and others.