The Future of Higher Education in Moldova




The Future of Higher Education in Moldova

January 16, 2020

The future of education will not be the same as today, this creating uncertainties as to how the education system will look in five or more years from now. Massive Open Online Courses, the implementation of augmented reality in learning and training, customized education programmes established within corporate organizations, economic disruptions, critical instructor/faculty shortages and countless other changes are all ingredients shaping the future of education. In Moldova, the trust in the educational system has been continuously decreasing during the past years. In 2013, according to the Public Opinion Barometer, only one-third of the Moldovan population believed that the education reforms are heading in the right direction. 

This paper is a reflection of the perception of current students from three Universities in Chisinau about the education system, education trends and the needs of their educational institution to prepare for the road ahead. Based on students' micro-narratives and perceptions, we have jointly identified possible solutions to support universities in aligning to future trends.