Ebola Response Strategy for Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone




Ebola Response Strategy for Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone

July 28, 2017

New Ebola cases in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are declining, but it will likely take some time for the three countries, supported by the international community, to bring the epidemic fully under control.


The epidemic has affected women disproportionately because of the essential role they play as caretakers, health personnel and small traders.


Our recovery work aims to both stabilize communities and livelihoods in the short-term, and lay the foundations for resilient and sustainable development over the longer term.


UNDP has begun to use environmentally friendly sterilizing equipment to help dispose of the vast amounts of contaminated protective equipment and infectious waste generated in treating Ebola patients.


The Total Budget for the Ebola Crisis Response and Resilience Programme for the three epicenter countries is USD 69.8 million with USD 18.3 million funded from UNDP resources and other donors.


The bulk of the resources will be for recovery; however, efforts to stop and treat the disease remain a priority and should be linked and implemented as a package.