Development Impact and You Toolkit


Development Impact and You Toolkit

April 30, 2014

April 2014


Impact & You


Want to learn how to invent, adopt or adapt ideas that can deliver better results? The Development Impact and You Toolkit has been especially designed to assist development practitioners with just that! The toolkit presents a number of useful tools currently being used in development as well as in other sectors. All the descriptions include a key reference, so it is easy to trace back their origins and dive deeper into other publications about their application.
This toolkit was developed by Nesta, a UK-based innovation agency and one of UNDP’s partners in social innovation, in conjunction with UNDP. Nesta worked with UNDP colleagues in Europe & Central Asia and Asia-Pacific regions to beta test the toolkit throughout its development, providing feedback on functionality and clarity of the tool as well as advice on how to tailor specifically to development workers.
What do you want to learn?

Browse through the many practical tools presented here, which are grounded in existing theories and practices of innovation, design and business development – formulated to trigger & support social innovation

Still wondering what's so special? Take a look at the blog piece "Not another toolkit? Conspiring with UNDP" by Milica Begovich, UNDP, and Theo Keane, Nesta.

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